Graham Coxon: Bert Jansch's music is a great gift for everyone

Graham Coxon

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Forward of two tribute live shows this weekend, Blur’s guitarist remembers the nerve-racking experience of meeting one in every of Britain’s biggest musicians

It took me some time to completely respect Bert Jansch. Perhaps because I related him with terror for quite a lot of years.

I performed on the identical bill as him in 2003 at Stephen Malkmus’s Down the Dustpipe festival on the Royal Pageant Corridor in London. I had just come out of the Priory and was enjoying with a brand new and somewhat hurriedly rehearsed band. Not solely that, I had drunk around 15 cups of espresso during Bert’s set and was going to start out my show immediately after him, all alone with two or three acoustic songs. As I watched him I started to have a very dangerous feeling about the whole evening.

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