Blur: 'We used to take it in turns to punch each other'

Graham Coxon

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Again in Hong Kong, where they recorded their album The Magic Whip, Damon, Graham, Alex and Dave speak about falling out and making up, the state of British pop music and why 90s Britpop was a wasted opportunity

Hong Kong in July could be a disorientating place for outsiders: the suffocating humidity, the density of human our bodies, the mind-jarring collision of east and west. Maybe the last thing you want whenever you’ve arrived there, mind fuddled with jetlag, is a conversation with Damon Albarn in full manic movement. One minute he’s talking about refusing to leave the stage after a five-hour gig with Africa Categorical (“Am I hooked on work? Clearly”), the subsequent he’s revealing his ardour for selecting wild flowers. Then he starts talking about fairies ...

“I’ve a house that’s built on a bit of land which was a recognised fairy group,” he says, with a straight face, once we meet backstage on the Hong Kong Conference and Exhibition Centre, where Blur are as a result of play that night time. “We had to get a fairy lawyer in. When individuals come and keep at my home, they go and give them an providing simply to keep them pleased as a result of we’ve built on their land.”

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