"Damon Quotes: “We were never a Britpop band, britpop is stuff like the Bluetones”..."

Damon Albarn

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Damon Quotes:

“We have been by no means a Britpop band, britpop is stuff just like the Bluetones”

“We’ve made about one million now, cut up it equally 4 ways nevertheless it’s not concerning the money”

“Nicely everyone’s totally different” (in a defensive tone; on Graham being described as a bit “strange” and “shy”)

“Yeah, Write Songs” (When asked for any recommendations on songwriting by a budding younger songwriter)

“Feels fucking great, regardless that I’ve minimize my elbow” (when requested how he felt at the finish of “the common” stay where he falls again on the stage together with his arms outstretched and the gang go ballistic )

All “quotes” are from the aftershow @ the leadmill in 1995. I obtained to talk with them and Damon was simply sensible, very open and talkative.
Rattling, I simply remembered another humorous factor (As I stated it was a long time in the past and my written account of it is awol in the mean time)..

“Yeah I shagged both of them (laughs)” (When asked if he did anything with these two star-struck women in the Star formed video that come back to the tour bus).
From the best way he stated it and the snort he was Joking ( I feel, I’m positive he would like a nice cuppa )

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