Graham Coxon: 'I was a mardy brat in my 20s … I'm quite mellow now'

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Blur’s guitarist reflects on the state of pop music, swearing, and why he’s glad he doesn’t should put on make-up any extra

Graham Coxon enters the studio via a thick cloud of vapour. “Banana and yoghurt,” he broadcasts cheerfully. I had anticipated Coxon to be a bit more taciturn, given his popularity because the second least chatty member of Blur. But earlier, as I waited outdoors, I heard him loudly, fortunately tootling a music to himself. As he vapes, he fizzes with enthusiasm, his body barely nonetheless for a second, even when he is making an attempt to take a seat down and speak. “I can get quite harassed,” he says, shuffling in his seat, “however I’m in a great temper once I’m in the studio.”

We're in London’s Konk Studios, near where Coxon lives, to speak about The End of the F***ing World, the Channel 4/Netflix drama about two broken youngsters falling in love, for which he wrote the beautiful soundtrack. He abbreviates it to “The Finish of the World”, though, as a result of he is around youngsters so much, his own now being 18 and 5. “The older one hears a number of expletives now and again, however I don’t swear that much any extra. I simply discover it a bit grating. I’ve used each swear phrase underneath the solar but… ” He shrugs. “Who’s acquired the power to be that het up that they’re going to make use of swear phrases? You might want to be enjoyable, not swearing. It is advisable to be doing one thing else.”

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