Graham Coxon: 'I was a mardy brat in my 20s … I'm quite mellow now'

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Blur’s guitarist reflects on the state of pop music, swearing, and why he’s glad he doesn’t should wear make-up any extra

Graham Coxon enters the studio by means of a thick cloud of vapour. “Banana and yoghurt,” he broadcasts cheerfully. I had expected Coxon to be a bit extra taciturn, given his popularity as the second least chatty member of Blur. However earlier, as I waited outdoors, I heard him loudly, happily tootling a track to himself. As he vapes, he fizzes with enthusiasm, his physique barely still for a second, even when he is making an attempt to take a seat down and speak. “I can get fairly careworn,” he says, shuffling in his seat, “however I’m in a great temper once I’m in the studio.”

We are in London’s Konk Studios, close to the place Coxon lives, to speak about The End of the F***ing World, the Channel 4/Netflix drama about two damaged youngsters falling in love, for which he wrote the beautiful soundtrack. He abbreviates it to “The End of the World”, though, as a result of he is around youngsters lots, his own now being 18 and 5. “The older one hears a number of expletives every so often, however I don’t swear that a lot any more. I simply discover it a bit grating. I’ve used every swear phrase underneath the solar but… ” He shrugs. “Who’s obtained the power to be that het up that they’re going to use swear phrases? You must be enjoyable, not swearing. You must be doing one thing else.”

Talking as a guitar participant, Britpop was uninteresting. No one was doing something fascinating with a guitar … [apart from] Jonny Greenwood

Our label thought, 'Good-looking boys, get 'em in Smash Hits.' They'd put tons of makeup on you, brush your eyebrows up so that you seemed mad, and put pretty T-shirts on you. I felt hideous

Graham Coxon is on tour within the US: 27 September Philadelphia Foundry; 30 September San Francisco, CA August Corridor; 1 October Los Angeles, CA Lodge Room. Details here

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