Graham Coxon: ‘Music has always been there for me’

General Info on Blur

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The Blur guitarist, 53, on his addictive character, making music as you age and being a Britpop brat

I was a brat during Britpop. There was so much to rail towards. However I should have been more grateful for my luck and taken care of myself better and tried to take pleasure in it innocently. My drawback with Blur was when it turned a enterprise. However a much bigger drawback was when my own individuals started speaking in that language. When it all turned about breaking America, or no matter.

When individuals become old their music gets rubbish. You’ve discovered a bit more about yourself, mellowed out, perhaps finished a bit of therapy… – that younger, fiery, uncompromising outlook you once had starts to get the sides knocked out of it. I’m not talking about myself, clearly.

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