Graham Coxon, Olivia Chaney, Alasdair Roberts and others: Shirley Inspired review – starry Shirley Collins tribute

Graham Coxon

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(Earth Recordings)

Fans of the exceptional English people singer Shirley Collins will probably be nicely catered for by this weekend’s Record Store Day: Fledg’ling are rereleasing her gently compelling 1959 EP English Songs in its unique model, while 34& very totally different modern people and pop artists are raising money for a& film about Collins, who turns 80 this summer time, with this three-album tribute set of songs from her repertoire. The forged is exceptional. There’s Graham Coxon of Blur offering elaborate people baroque guitar work on a no-nonsense remedy of the murder ballad Merciless Mom, and comic Stewart Lee with a respectful Polly on the Shore. The folks celebrities vary from Alasdair Roberts to Jackie Oates and Trembling Bells, with Olivia Chaney offering a& delicate, piano-backed remedy of& Oxford Woman and Bonnie Dobson teamed up with The Lords of Thyme for a swirling Hares on the Mountain. Search it out.

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