Graham Coxon on the Blur reunion: ‘Pop doesn’t have to be a fleeting thing’

Graham Coxon

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The former Britpop superstars stunned everybody by saying their first album together for 16 years. Guitarist Graham Coxon explains the way it started with a chance meeting in Hong Kong …

When a big-name pop band gets back together after an extended gap it typically counts as more than a music business event or a news headline. For these people who fell in love with a gaggle during their youth, the reunion can really feel like meeting up with their youthful selves again. Vocals and sounds that when outlined a mood are abruptly back in foreign money.

So the members of Blur – singer Damon Albarn, guitarist Graham Coxon, bass participant Alex James and drummer Dave Rowntree – trod very rigorously and quietly as they put all the items in place before going public with news of their album The Magic Whip, the primary they've made as a four-piece for 16 years. In the 1990s their band stood for a cocky, intelligent kind of dissent and, as Coxon informed the Observer, they did not need to say they have been again until they knew what that they had.

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