Graham Coxon on the Blur reunion: ‘Pop doesn’t have to be a fleeting thing’

Graham Coxon

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The previous Britpop superstars stunned everybody by saying their first album collectively for 16 years. Guitarist Graham Coxon explains how it started with an opportunity meeting in Hong Kong …

When a big-name pop band gets again collectively after an extended gap it typically counts as more than a music business occasion or a information headline. For these individuals who fell in love with a gaggle during their youth, the reunion can feel like assembly up with their younger selves once more. Vocals and sounds that when defined a temper are abruptly back in foreign money.

So the members of Blur – singer Damon Albarn, guitarist Graham Coxon, bass participant Alex James and drummer Dave Rowntree – trod very rigorously and quietly as they put all of the pieces in place earlier than going public with news of their album The Magic Whip, the first they have made as a four-piece for 16 years. In the 1990s their band stood for a cocky, intelligent kind of dissent and, as Coxon advised the Observer, they did not need to say they have been again until they knew what that they had.

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