I think I may have had a brilliant idea!

Dave Rowntree

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My favorite Pizza Categorical pizza is a basic base Margherita with additional Scorching Green Peppers. It prices £10.10 – £eight.45 for the pizza and £1.65 for the extra topping.

However it’s also potential to purchase it one other method.

You might order an American Scorching with no Pepperoni and get exactly the identical pizza, besides at £10.10 for the pizza minus £1.65 for the topping you don’t want, it is available in at only £9.15.

That’s 95p cheaper! For exactly the identical pizza!

I feel there’s hundreds of thousands to be made in pizza arbitrage, shopping for American Hots with no Pepperoni, and promoting them back to the restaurants as Margheritas with additional Scorching Green Peppers!

Let’s do it! Who’s with me?

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