‘I’ve denied it for years, but Taylor Swift really can write’: Ben Bailey Smith’s honest playlist

General Info on Blur

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The actor and standup – AKA Doc Brown – cracks out Bowie at parties and needs the Beatles performed at his funeral. But what does he unleash at karaoke?

The first single I bought
I used to get a pound pocket cash and buy a Milkybar – the chunky one, not the flat one – a can of D&G ginger beer and a replica of the Beano. Then my older sister [novelist Zadie Smith] began spending hers at a report store on Willesden High Street in north London, where you may get seven-inch singles for 99p. I bought She Makes My Day by Robert Palmer, but I don’t keep in mind why.

The music I inexplicably know each lyric to
My dad was obsessive about Bob Dylan so I’m very accustomed to just about all of his work from the 60s. I’ve discovered the lyrics by osmosis. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue was played at my dad’s funeral, so every time it pops up on my shuffle, it’s all the time a bit of a second.

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