‘Like them, we’re fragile’: how Randall Poster assembled his star-packed birdsong project

Damon Albarn

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The esteemed music supervisor enlisted stars resembling Mark Ronson, Nick Cave, Beck, Sean Penn and Tilda Swinton for an formidable new venture

In the early days of Covid, when lockdowns held tight, even the loudest cities fell into silence. With all that clamor cleared away, other sounds crammed the air. For New York Metropolis native Randall Poster, probably the most enchanting of them came from the hawks, cuckoos and warblers that would finally be heard above the din. “Amid the quiet, I turned more conscious of all the birdsong around us,” Poster advised the Guardian. “Additionally, during a time when so much was unknown and darkish, searching the window and watching nature’s creatures persevering with to thrive was comforting.”

It was also inspiring. For Poster, one of the movie world’s most outstanding music supervisors who has worked with administrators like Wes Anderson, Martin Scorsese and Todd Haynes, the hoots and caws of birds inspired him, and the undertaking’s government producer Rebecca Reagan, to ask their wide selection of musical contacts in the event that they’d be curious about creating their very own odes to aviary life.

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