On a different note, 2023 is also the year of the Rolling Stones comeback with a new album…

Damon Albarn

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On a special notice, 2023 can also be the yr of the Rolling Stones comeback with a brand new album

Damon: This really irritated me. Because my family lives in Hackney and the best way they confirmed up on the Hackney Empire venue really pissed me off. They’ve never did a thing in Hackney, they’ve by no means played there, never contributed to anything. They only confirmed up. It’s all nonsense. And I listened to their new track and watched this horrible music video displaying them at totally different levels of their lives on billboards. And this young lady objectified. What the hell is that this? There’s one thing utterly disconnected.

Can you see yourself there, 80 years previous, on billboards capitalizing on your past glory?

Damon: There’s no probability and I’ll inform you why. I did all types of issues, whereas they’ve by no means been something aside from the Rolling Stones. I really like the thought of devoting your life to at least one thing, in the hunt for the chic. However the fact is, they’ve turned worse. Worse at persisting to stay themselves. That’s something I don’t perceive. Making exactly the same music but not that good. There have to be no joy in doing one thing like this.

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