On the road again... how band reunions can be a victory lap for their generation | Barbara Ellen

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I once would have sneered at Pulp and Blur reuniting, but perhaps it’s their approach of reclaiming the past

Is it my creativeness or has the music business comeback… made a comeback? Blur have announced a one-off Wembley stadium present for July 2023 and Pulp are touring subsequent summer time. Pulp are reuniting for a second time and Blur last performed a full UK set at Hyde Park in 2015.

In fact, my first thought, as an inexpensive individual, was: is there any approach of stopping this, can we call in mediators? I’ll do it should you give me a megaphone and a modest payment. My considering was: perhaps they might still be talked out of collaborating in this naff and historically most dreaded of music business ritual humiliations: the comeback, reunion, call it what you'll.

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